ANGUS LOGISTICS, S.L. becomes the first company that has obtained the WOW (Animal Welfare on Wheels) quality seal Certificate, for the 3 modules of the bovine, porcine and ovine/goat species, after successfully passing the audits carried out by Bureau Veritas.

The transport company has an exceptional team of highly trained and dedicated drivers. His extraordinary commitment to the ethical and humane treatment of animals during transport is a fundamental piece in the success of Angus Logística.

By obtaining the WOW certification for the transport of live animals, ANGUS LOGISTICA, S.L. demonstrates your commitment to animal welfare and responsibility within the transportation industry. This certification, an ANTA (National Association of Live Animal Transporters) reference, aims to recognize carriers who know, respect good practices and comply with animal welfare conditions during the road transport of live animals.

During the certificate delivery ceremony, Samuel Mendienta, Director of operations and projects at Angus Logistica, S.L, stated: “The pride of Angus Logistica for becoming the first operator to implement the sheep transport module, as well as to recertify the modules of cattle and pigs with the prestigious WOW quality seal to certify animal welfare in the transport of live animals”. To which he added “As the team leader at Angus Logística, I am proud to be part of a company that puts animal welfare in at the center of all their operations. Our mission is to provide safe and humane transportation for animals, and we are committed to continuing to improve and exceed industry standards in terms of animal welfare.”

Laura Godoy, BV animal welfare manager, has stressed that “It is very gratifying to certify live animal transport companies with a high commitment to animal welfare.” transported animals.